The Alice Band

The Alice Band
£7.99eBook: £2.99
Publisher: VSM Books
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Complete Novel
ASIN: 0992954223
ISBN: 9780002954222

Witty, funny and full of high jinks, this story is a laugh a minute!

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About the Book

High jinks and hilarity in France. Is the Dordogne ready for Alice, Carole and their disparate bevy of associates?

Alice – scatter-brained and hapless; Carole – strong, patient, tolerant and Alice-weary; they’ve been friends for years. No one understands why.

During the ex–pat summer exodus to France, Alice lets slip plans for her daughter’s chateau wedding. Carole points out a problem: they still have to snaffle a wealthy groom. A minor inconvenience, as far as Alice is concerned. Her hunt for the dream man gets her into hilarious scrapes. Her poor mastery of French doesn’t help. There’s the charity dance gaff, the landscape gardener interlude, not to mention her widowed father–in–law’s penchant for pinching bottoms and proposing marriage to any young floozy that takes his fancy!

Carole finds these problems easy to handle until the family skeletons emerge that really turn up the heat. Alice’s solution?  “Toss ’em all in a lime pit”. Carole’s?   Conversing with the Linden trees. But is she barking up the wrong tree?

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