My family was peripatetic. As a result, I lived in different countries and environments,  garnering a vast hoard of life experiences along the way. Those experiences, and the way I reacted towards them, were coloured by my grandmother, with whom my family lived for a time during my childhood. It was when she died that my family uprooted itself and went travelling.  My grandmother was a formidable character and her commitment to the suffragette cause and later political career had a profound effect on me.

My grandparents valued reading, writing and the power of words. While they used them for propaganda purposes to promote the causes they supported, my own experience of losing myself in wonderfully written stories became a joy I learned to value. Through reading, I developed understanding, empathy and the ability to imagine standing in another’s shoes.

Now I hope to use my words to bring smiles, happiness and understanding by writing stories that people will enjoy reading.


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